Welcome to Freedom Uniting Church Paralowie, we’re glad you stopped by!

At Freedom we are a Christ focused family who enjoy vibrant worship and try to live out our faith in a real and authentic way. We look forward to being able to meet you at our Sunday 10.00am worship service (Holy Communion is served on the last Sunday of the month). Our Sunday morning service is a contemporary family friendly service where we welcome people of all ages to join us in worshiping God through songs, prayer, reflection and bible message.


Freedom Uniting Church Paralowie was opened in 1994 after an amalgamation of several churches in the Northern suburbs. At the time Paralowie was a very young suburb which grew around the church. Originally the church was named Freedom Worship and Community Centre and was seen as a place not only for worship but a place for community groups to gather. The name of the church was changed in January 2009 to Freedom Uniting Church Paralowie. Many congregations have used the church during this time and currently we enjoy a diverse cultural mix of church groups using the building, The Christian Cambodian Church of South Australia, The international seventh Day Adventists Paralowie and the Church of Jerusalem as well as our own Uniting church congregation. Today the Freedom Uniting church still sees outreach as an important part of its ministry in Paralowie and a second hand shop called “The Shed” is open three days a week. There are also many other outreach services run throughout the week.




Children aged 4+ are invited out to Kids Church at the Sunday Service (during school terms) to learn about God, Jesus, the Bible and develop their relationship with the Lord.

Our church also encourages attendees of children to the Uniting Church camps in South Australia with involvement in KCO (for children aged 7-12) and SAYCO (for children aged 12-15).

For more information about our Sunday programs please contact our church office on (08) 8280 8185.



The Shed is a second hand shop which sells a variety of clothes and household items. For $10 you can fill a bag full of clothes. The Shed is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9.00am and 1.00pm.

If you would like to donate items to The Shed please make arrangements by ringing our church office on 8280 8185.

We cannot accept furniture, mattresses, electrical appliances or baby cots.



Our weekly Worship Service is held on Sunday at 10.00am with Holy Communion served on the last Sunday of the month.

Our Sunday morning service is a contemporary family friendly service where we welcome people of all ages to join us in worshiping God through songs, prayer, reflection and bible messages.


Get in touch with us…

Office Hours:
Monday & Friday 9.00am – 1.00pm

Phone: (08) 8280 8185
Email: freedomuc@gmail.com

Church Street Address:
11 Liberator Drive, Paralowie SA 5108

Church Postal Address:
PO Box 7004, Paralowie SA 5108


Tim Warnes

Paula Warnes
Church Administrator

If you would like to speak to one of our ministry leaders please contact the church office during office hours to make an appointment.



  • There is one God, revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus Christ, Son of God, who took on our humanity, is the crucified, risen Lord. He lives and reigns forever and calls all people into a personal relationship and to follow him in faithful obedience. Faith is awakened, enlightened and strengthened by the Holy Spirit.
  • Although created in the image of God, humankind has become estranged from God and from God’s ways. Salvation from sin is by God’s freely given love and favour alone through faith in God’s reconciling act in the death of Christ on a cross.
  • The Bible is the unique testimony of humankind’s encounter with God, in which we hear God speak, and by which our faith and obedience are nourished and regulated.
  • The church is a body of which Christ is the head. It is a world-wide fellowship of believers, a pilgrim people on the way towards the promised goal of the Kingdom of God.
  • The church, by its very nature, is called into mission in which every Christian is called to participate. The mission includes the call to personal faith, ministry of healing, deeds of kindness and addressing injustice. Such mission is expressed both locally and globally.
  • Baptism is the sign of new life in Jesus Christ. We are baptised into union with Christ and called to his ministry in the world. We baptise those who confess the Christian faith, and/or their children who are presented for baptism and for whose instruction and nourishment in the faith the Church takes responsibility.
  • In Holy Communion we celebrate Christ’s death and his continuing presence. We have communion with our Saviour, grow together in Christ, are strengthened for our participation in the mission of Christ in the world and, giving praise and thanks, rejoice in the foretaste of the coming Kingdom of God.
  • The Spirit of God equips the church by supplying diverse gifts, and empowers believers to continue the ministry of Christ.
  • In God’s timing, Jesus Christ will come again to bring about the fulfillment of all things within God’s purposes.


Embracing Others
Matthew 25:34-46; Luke 10:25-37; James 2:1-8
Shown through biblical hospitality- everyone is welcome and feels at home. There is no consideration of wealth, status, dress sense or level of knowledge about God. Everyone is invited to be part of the community and to grow together. People show love for each other beyond Sunday. In their daily lives people show the love of God to others through practical care and generosity.

Growing Deeper
Colossians 2:6-7; Ephesians 3:14-19; Mark 4:1-20
A growing depth in our relationship and understanding about God. We value becoming mature and strong disciples with a deep love for God

Looking Outward
Matthew 28:18-20; Romans 10:9-15; Matthew 10:1-42
We are not just here for ourselves and our Christian community. Corporately and individually we are seeking to engage with the community (outside our doors) that they may come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Expressing Joy
Psalm 100; Galatians 5:22-23; 1 Peter 1:3-9
We live our Christian walk with Joy and express this when we gather as a community. Laughter is key. Fun is encouraged. Creativity is enjoyed. The fruit of the spirit is expressed.

Living Generously
Matthew 6:1-4; Psalm 112; Romans 12:6-21
We are consistently looking for opportunities to give time, skills, gifts and finance to encourage the life of the church, and bless the community.

Daring to Try
Philippians 4:13; Joshua 1:9; 1 Corinthians 12:4-27
We are all called to participate in the mission of God. We all have gifts that we can use. Excellence is not a requirement, a willing heart to participate is. Ministry is done in teams where we encourage and teach each other. Just have a go.

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